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Terms of Reference of the GRC

  1. To entertain relevant grievance(s) of the student(s), parent(s), employee(s) and other stakeholder(s) of the University.
  2. To provide proper opportunity to the stakeholder(s) to express their grievance(s) without any fear.
  3. To ensure that there is no reprisal of any kind against any applicant, witness, or any other participant(s) in the grievance redressal process.
  4. To ensure the privacy of all parties during the redressal process.
  5. To obtain the facts through relevant sources in a fair and transparent manner, to work out a resolution of the issues involved with the parties named in the grievance application.
  6. To ensure timely disposal of the matter within the stipulated period.
  7. Committee members may consider recusal or other appropriate action in the circumstances where conflict of interest arises.
  8. The Grievances Redressal Cell may consider the grievances related to:
    • Academic matters
    • Non-Academic matters
    • Service matters
    • Victimization / Harassment
    • Conduct of Examinations
    • Assessment
  9. The quorum of the meeting will be one half of the total members.

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