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Dr. Akhtar Munir

Dr. Akhtar Munir

PhD - Social Work (University of Peshawar cum Lancaster University, UK)


My research interest focuses on Social Work, Social Care, Qualitative Methodology and on different aspects of Childhood including Child Protection from Exploitation, Neglect and Abuse, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Child Welfare and policies to improve the services for children.




2021 Faisal Mehmood, Naqeeb Hussain, Henna, Akhtar Munir, Nazir Ullah, Mazhar Islam & Shakeel Ahmad. Umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Influence on Local Business Industries and Trade Balance: A mediation Analysis in Special Economic Zone of Hattar. Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 20(4), 955-971

2021 Susan Yoon, Dalhee Yoon, Guijin Lee, Wonhee Kim and Akhtar Munir. The Role of Fathers in Maltreatment: Differential Effects on Maltreatment Type. Social Work Practice Research, 18(3), 71-93

2021 Akhtar Munir, Farhat Ullah, Rashid Ishaq & Asif Mahmood. How to Prevent Corporal Punishment of Children: An Interventionist Perspective of Choice Theory in Schools of North West, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Criminology, 13(1 & 2), 86-96

2021 Dr. Farhat Ullah, Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Tabinda Rani, Dr. Akhtar Munir, Dr. Muhammad Shakil, Asif Mahmood, Munazza. Effectiveness of Police Training in Countering-Terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Linguistica Antverpiensia. 3, 6880-6893

2021 Mohammed Shafiq, Akhtar Munir and Khadija Aziz. Conceptualizing Islamic Scholars Perspective on Corporal Punishment of Children in Pakistan. FWU Journal of Social Sciences. 15(2), 65-75

2021 Dr Mohammed Shafiq, Amjad Hussain, Dr Naqeeb Hussain Shah, Dr Mohammad Ibrar, Dr Akhtar Munir and Dr Khadija Aziz. Political Islamism: A Challenge to Muslim Political and Philosophical Thought. Elementary Education Online. 20(6), 804-810

2021 Jan Alam, Akhtar Munir and Nauman Tahir. An Understanding of the Students’ Perception about COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impacts on Pakhtun Society. Sir Syed Journal of Education and Social Research. 4(2), 211-221

2021 Dr Mohammed Shafiq, Dr Samina Begum, Dr Akhtar Munir, Dr Naqeeb Hussain Shah and Dr Khadija Aziz. Branding them ‘Others’ A survey of exclusionism in the history of Islam. Psychology and Education, 58(3), 4270-4274

2021 Sajjad Hussain, Akhtar Munir and Muhammad Ibrar. Children with Disability: Problems and Challenges in Pakistan. The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 28(1), 87-99

2020 S Naqeeb Hussain Shah, Mohammed Shafiq, Mohammad Ibrar and Akhtar Munir.The Impact of Job Cadre on Psychological Wellbeing of Senior Citizens after Retirement – using Multivariate Analysis Approach: Key Findings and Policy Implications. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24(6), 17563- 17573

2019 Akhtar Munir and Basharat Hussain. Implications of Corporal Punishment on the Child’s Mental Health in Peshawar, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Criminology, 11(1), 16-27

2016 Monique Lhussier, Nicola Lowe, Elizabeth Westaway, Fiona Dykes, Mick McKeown, Akhtar Munir, Saba Tahir and Mukhtiar Zaman. Understanding Communication Pathways to Foster Community Engagement for Health Improvement in North West Pakistan. BMC Public Health, 16, 2016

2015 Nicola Lowe, Elizabeth Westaway, Akhtar Munir, Saba Tahir, Fiona Dykes, Monique Lhussier, Mick McKeown, Michael Zimmerman, Maria Andersson, Sara Stinca and Mukhtiar Zaman. Increasing Awareness and Use of Iodised Salt in a Marginalised Community Setting in North- West Pakistan. Nutrients, 7(11), 9672- 9682

2015 Amir Zada Asad, Akhtar Munir and Basharat Hussain. Socio-Economic Impact of Terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Study of Peshawar. The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 23(1), 9 – 22

2014 Muhammad Ibrar, Raazia Hassan Naqvi and Akhtar Munir. Attitude of the Community towards Birth Spacing: A Case Study of District Swabi, Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Journal of PUTAJ- Humanities and Social Sciences, 21(1), 125-132

2010 Muhammad Ibrar, Raazia Hassan Naqvi, Basharat Hussain and Akhtar Munir. Child Birth Registration in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Case Study of District Swabi. Journal of Law and Society, 40(55 & 56), 127-38


Principal Investigator                                                    01/03/2021-30/11/2021
Community-based Child Protection in North West, Pakistan
Funded by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Grant Number: 10537/IPFP-II(Batch-I)/SRGP/NAHE/HEC/2020/102





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