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Prohibited Act

The following acts are prohibited for students and involvement of any student in any of these acts shall make them liable to penalties as described in these regulations:

  1. Violation of any law of the country
  2. Assault on the faculty staff or fellow student at the university
  3. Possession or consumption of any alcoholic drinks, prohibited drugs/intoxicants on the campus
  4. Possession of arms of any kind
  5. Smoking in public places
  6. Organizing any function/activity on the campus without the approval of the competent authority.
  7. Participation in any function organized on campus without the approval of the competent authority.
  8. Collecting money or receiving funds or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the University Organization except with the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor.
  9. Practices like, staging, inciting or participating in protests, or abetting any walkout, strike, or other form of agitation, against the University or its teachers or officers, inciting any one to violence, disruption of the peaceful atmosphere of the University in any way, making inflammatory speeches or gestures which may cause resentment issuing of pamphlets or cartoons casting aspersion on the teachers or staff of the University or the University bodies or doing anything in anyway likely to promote rift and hatred among the various groups or classes of students community, issuing statements in the press making false accusations or lowering the prestige of the University.

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