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Dr. Muhammad Sajjad

Condensed Matter Physics


Current Designation: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology Kohat, Pakistan

Contact Information:

Postal Address: Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology PO Box 26000 Kohat, Pakistan

Phone: 092-3339305395 

Office: 0922-5291-4442

Emails: sajjadqureshi76@gmail.com


Web: http:kust.edu.pk




  • Associate Professor

03rd May 2018 to Present

Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat

  • Assistant Professor

December 2012 to 02 May 2018

Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology , Kohat

  • Lecturer

 April 2010 to November 2012,

Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat


PhD: Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute(GIKI) of Engineering Sciences and Technology , Pakistan

June 2011

MS/M.Phil: Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

June 2006

Masters (MSc): Gomal University, Pakistan

September 1999

Bachelors (Bsc): Peshawar University, Pakistan

August 1996

Major Subjects: Physics and Mathematics

Intermediate (F.Sc): Peshawar Board, Pakistan

March 1994

Science Group

High School Peshawar Board, Pakistan

March 1992

Science Group

Research Interests:

Nano Sciences, Condensed Matter Physics

Selected Publications:

1. Mudasser Husain, Muhammad Salman Ahmad, Nasir Rahman, Muhammad Sajjad, Abdur Rauf, Anwar Habib,  Mahmood Ul Haq, Mohammad Nisar, Akhlaq Hussain, Muhammad Imran, Salahuddin “First principle study of the structural, electronic, and mechanical properties of cubic fluoroperovskites: (ZnXF3, X = Y, Bi)” Fluoride 53(4):657-667 (2020)

2. Abdul Ahad Khan, Rehmat Hasil, A. Laref, Naeem Ullah, M. Sajjad, Aurang Zeb, G. Murtaza, ”DFT prediction of the structural, electronic, thermoelectric and optical properties of ternary pnictides MgBe2X2 (X = N, P, As, Sb, Bi): A novel analysis of beryllium with 2A- and 5B-Elements of the structure type CaAl2Si2” Solid State Communication Volume 300, 113667 (2019)

3. Jamshid Khan, Hameed Ullah, Muhammad Sajjad, Wahid Bux Jatoi, Akbar Ali, Karim Khan and Khalid Hussain Thebo “Controlled synthesis of ammonium manganese trifluoride nanoparticles with enhanced electrochemical performance” Materials Research Express, Volume 6, 075074 (2019),

4. Muhammad Sajjad, Inam Ullah, M. I. Khan, Jamshid Khan, M. Yaqoob Khan, Muhammad Tauseef Qureshi “Structural and optical properties of pure and Copper doped Zinc oxide nanoparticles” Results in Physics 9, 1301–1309, (2018)

5. Jamshid Khan, Hameed Ullah, Muhammad Sajjad, Akbar Ali, Khalid Hussain, “Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical performance of cobalt fluoride nanoparticles by reverse micro-emulsion method” Inorganic Chemistry Communications 98, 132-140, (2018)

6. Adil Nawab, Imran Murtaza, Khasan S Karimov, Naeem Ahmad, Muhammad Sajjad "Humidity Dependent Impedance Response of Graphene/Carbon Nanotubes Composite" Materials Research Express 5, 095028, (2018)

7. Amjad Khan, Muhammad Sajjad, G. Murtaza, A. Laref “Anion-Cation replacement effect on the structural and optoelectronic properties of the LiMX2 (M = Al, Ga, In; X = S, Se, Te) compounds: A First Principle study” Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A - A Journal of Physical Sciences 73, 645, (2018)

8. Abdul Mateen, Ihsan ul Haq, Muhammad Sajjad, Tauseef Ahmed, “Synthesis and characterization of MWCNTs reinforced cuprous oxide nanocomposite” Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications Vol. 10, No. 5-6, 453-456, (2016)

9. G. Murtaza, Naeem Ullah, Abdur Rauf, R. Khenata, S. Bin Omran, M. Sajjad, A. Waheed “First principles study of structural, optical and electronic properties of zinc mercury chalcogenides” Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Vol. 30, 462- 468, (2015)

10. Jameel-Un Nabi, M. Sajjad, Neutrino energy loss rates and positron capture rates on 55Co for presupernova and supernova physics Physical Rev. C 77, 055802, (2008)

11. Jameel-Un Nabi, M. Sajjad, “Expanded calculations of pn-QRPA electron capture rates on 55Co for presupernova and supernova physics” Canadian Journal of Physics 86, 819, (2008)

 12. Jameel-Un Nabi, Muneeb-ur-Rahman, M. Sajjad, “Gamow-Teller (GT±) Strength distribution of 56Ni for ground and excited states”, Acta Physica Polonica B 39, 1, (2008)

13. Jameel-Un Nabi, M. Sajjad, “Comparative study of Gamow-Teller strength distributions on odd-odd nucleus 50V and its impact on electron-capture rates in astrophysical environments”, Physical Rev. C 76, 055803, (2007)

 14. Jameel-Un Nabi, M. Sajjad, Muneeb-ur Rahman, “Electron capture rates on titanium isotopes in stellar matter”, Acta Physica Polonica B 38, 2665, (2007)

 15. Jameel-Un Nabi, Muneeb-ur-Rahman, M. Sajjad, Electron and positron capture rates on 55Co in stellar matter, Brazilian Journal of Physics 37, 1, (2007)

Graduate Students:

S. No




 Mr. Mukhtiar Ahamd            



Mr. Rizwan Khan                     



Mr. M. Shuaib                          



Mr. Zahid Khan                        



Mr. Abdur Rauf                        



Mr. Fawad Ahmad                  



Mr. Inam Ullah                        



Mr. Aftab Saeed                      



Mr. Ihsan Ul Haq                     



Mr. Wajid Amin                       



Mr. Khalid Hameed                 



Mr. Muddasir Husain             



Mr. Anwar Habib                     



Ms. Kiran Liaqat                      



Mr. InayatUllah                       



Mr. Danish Rehman               



Mr. Muhammad Junaid         



Mr. Zahir Khan                        



Ms. Samia Bibi                       

In progress


Ms. Kiran Mujahid                  

In progress


Mr. Abdullah                           

In progress


Mr. M. Burhan                        

In progress


Mr. Fahim                                 

In progress

Conferences and Workshops:

1. Design Simulation and Fabrication of CMOS Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) Resonators” Kohat University of Science and Technology, September 25, 2017

2. Two Days Training Workshop on Quality Assurance Mechanism and Writing of Self Assessment Report (SAR), Kohat University of Science and Technology 03-04 May, 2017

3. Workshop on Contemporary Topics in Nanomagnetism, National Centre of Physics(NCP) Islamabad February 23-27, 2015

4. Two Days Workshop on Curriculum Development and Students Assessment, Institute of Management Sciences, KUST, Pakistan, March 18-19, 2014

5. One Day Event in Plasma Physics, Department of Physics, Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST), Kohat Pakistan, April 02, 2014

6. National Training Workshop on Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials with Novel Morphologies, National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering(NIBGE), Faisalabad, Pakistan, February 18-21, 2013

7. Modeling and Simulation of Materials (Density Functional Theory), Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH), Nilore, Islamabad, Directorate of Science, Physics Division, March 26-28, 2013

8. Second International Workshop on Materials Modeling and Simulation, Department of Physics, University of Malakand, Pakistan in collaboration with Hakim Sabzevari University, Iran, 2012

9. Second Research Poster Exhibition, Department of Chemistry, KUST, Pakistan, June 14th 2012

10. 33rd International Nathiagali Summer College (2008), Nathiagali, Pakistan

11. 30th International Nathiagali Summer College (2005), Nathiagali, Pakistan

12. Workshop on Relativity, Cosmology and Astroparticle physics, 2005, LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

13. Short course on Computational Methodologies in Physics National Centre for Physics Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad January 02-06, 2006

14. Workshop on High performance computing in collaboration with university of Alliniace Chicago USA. GIK institute Topi Pakistan, August 7-11, 2006

15. International Symposium on Contemporary Physics, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, March 26-30, 2007

Boards and Committees:

  1. Board of Faculty (Physical and Numerical Sciences)


  1. Board of Studies (Department of Physics)


  1. Departmental Academic Committee (Department of Physics)


       4. Departmental Graduate Committee (Department of Physics)


  1. Conduction of Ph.D Comprehensive Examination Committee (Department of Physics)


  1. Program Team Member of Quality Enhancement Cell (Department of Physics)


  1. Departmental Purchase Committee (Department of Physics)


  1. Departmental Examination Committee (Department of Physics)


  1. Departmental Disciplinary Committee (Department of Physics)

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