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30 October 2018
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An undergraduate (BS, BBA/MSc/MA) student can normally register for 15-19 Credit Hours in a regular semester whereas the maximum load for a Graduate student

(MS, MPhil, PhD) is 12 CrHr. The maximum credit limit in case of Pharm-D could be more than 18 due to the requirements set by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. The minimum course load to retain the status of a full-time student is 12 CrHr for the undergraduate and MSc/MA programme and 6 CrHr for the Graduate (MS, MPhil, PhD) programme. A Graduate student can retain the status of full-time student by registering only for the research work during a semester. No exception to this upper limit (19 CrHr for undergraduate, except Pharm-D and 12 CrHr for graduate) is allowed to the first semester students. However, in later semesters, this limit may be relaxed with the approval of the HoD. A student, other than the first semester, can request his HoD to allow him for registering up to a maximum load (21 CrHr for undergraduate and 15 CrHr for graduate) in a semester if his cumulative GPA is 3.5/4.00 or better. The HoD may also allow a student (irrespective of probation) to register for up to 02 extra courses (maximum 8CH) if the student is planning to complete his degree programme in that very year. In case of probation, the HoD shall advise the student to register for 10- 13 CrHr (undergraduate) or 6-9 CrHr (Graduate). However, a student on probation may be allowed to register normal course load if the HoD is convinced about the capability of the student. 

Add/Drop of Courses

If a student wishes to add or drop a course (s) before the end of the first 02 weeks of the semester, he/ must apply for course add-and-drop through KCMS. For adding a course, the  course shall be already offered and reflected in the notified time table for that semester. . This procedure does not affect the final transcript.

Course(s) can be dropped during the first three weeks of the semester with the approval of HoD In case a student wants to drop a course(s) during this period, he/ shall do so online using KCMS. This procedure does not affect the final transcript.

Withdrawal from Courses

A student can withdraw from a course(s) during the period starting from the fourth week of the semester till the end of the sixth week, inclusive of holidays if any. In such a case, he/ shall  have to do so through KCMS. A “W” grade, however, shall appear on the transcript in this case. A course withdrawal/drop after the sixth week will entail an “F” grade in the course.

Auditing Course(s)

A student can audit a course(s) subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • The course is not a degree requirement of the student.
  • The audit status of a course cannot be changed to credit.
  • A course once audited cannot be repeated/ registered as accredit-course again.

If a student wants to audit a course, he/she must submit a Course Audit Form to KCMS in the third week of the semester through the respective HoD. An audited course shall not appear on the transcript.

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