Transfer Courses (Advance Placement or Migration)

30 October 2018
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Any student who has registered for a relevant degree program in a degree awarding institution recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and has successfully

completed at least one semester of studies in the parent Institute is eligible to apply for Transfer of course.

At the time of KUST regular admissions, the office of the Director Academics (KUST) accept applications for transfer of credits to a degree program offered at KUST provided the criteria for admission to the intended/ sought program offered at KUST are fulfilled and a seat is available in the program and Provision of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Parent University. No migration is allowed after the second week of the start of a semester.

At the time of application, the student's academic standing must be good and he/she must be clear of any indiscipline at the parent university/ institution. A good character certificate from the parent institution must accompany the application. The Head of Teaching Department has the authority to issue character certificate on the format as deemed fit.

Every application shall be accompanied by the official transcript issued by the Parent University/ Institution. Depending on the availability of seats in the program sought by the applicant, the Director Academic put up the case to the Credit Transfer Committee of KUST. The Credit Transfer Committee will evaluate all the relevant courses with a minimum grade of “C” or 60% marks for the Undergraduate and a minimum grade of “B” or 70% marks for Graduate applicants. The Credit Transfer Committee makes its recommendations to the Dean of the respective Faculty for placement in a particular semester in a particular degree program. After the approval of the Dean, the Director Academics' office informs the applicant and the Head of the respective academic department with a copy to the CoE. The Dean's Office also informs the CoE's office about the transferred credits. The credits transferred shall be counted towards the degree requirement and GPA of the transferred credits shall not be counted towards the


calculation of CGPA. Only the total number of transferred credit hours will appear on the transcript issued by KUST without any reference to the details and grades achieved (marks scored) in the transferred courses. The CGPA will be calculated on the basis of courses studied at KUST.

The minimum transferable courses shall be equal to the minimum of the normal one-semester loads and the maximum shall be 50% of the respective degree program. After acceptance, the student will have to fulfill the registration formalities according to the rules set for the students of the same degree program and must furnish a migration certificate from the deserting/leaving institution.




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