Election for Syndicate, Senate and Academic Council

09 April 2019 Author :  

List for Election of Senate, syndicate & Acad Council 2019 


Notification: Election for Syndicate, Senate and Academic Council download 



As per the clause no. 25 in the Election Statutes for the Election to the various authorities of the KUST Statutes 2016, the following Election Tribunal is announced to handle dispute (if any). Election Tribunal:

1. Justice (Retd) Syed Ibne Ali, Chairperson
2. Azad Khan Khattak, Member (Vice Chancellor Nominee )
3. Registrar, The Secretary as member of the Syndicate

ToR of Election Tribunal: The Election Tribunal may examine the petitioner(s) and other candidates and also examine the records of election and, upon the conclusion, make an order:

(a) Rejecting the petition;
(b) Declaring the election of the returned candidate void, and/or declaring the petitioner or other contesting candidate(s) to have been duly elected, or
(c) Declaring the election as a whole void.

The decision of the Election Tribunal shall be final and binding on all parties to the dispute(s)



The Vice Chancellor is pleased to constitute the following committee (as per clause 10 of the Election Statutes for the KUST Authorities) to handle objection to the Election Authority decision (if any).

1. Professor Fida Younus Khattak, Chairperson
2. Dr. Shafiullah Khan, Associate Professor (IIT) Member
3. Dr. Samar Abbas, Assistant Professor (IBS) Member
4. Dr. Farhad Ali, Assistant Professor (Maths) Member

Decision bv the Committee
If any objection is taken to the decision of the Election Authority, it shall be decided within three days by a Committee, consisting of four University teachers, to be appointed by the ViceChancellor, one of whom shall be nominated as the chairperson of the meeting. The quorum shall be three, and the decision shall be taken by majority. In case of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote

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