Dr. Farhad Ali

04 December 2018
Author :  

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pakistan)

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PhD  from School of Natural Sciences (SNS) National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) H-12 Islamabad Pakistan May 2015





NUST Sep 2008-Sep 2015

KUST Sep2015-to date

 Research  Interests



(1): Symmetry Methods For Differential Equations,

(2): Noether Symmetries and Conservations Laws,

(3): Relativity, Spacetimes and Einstein Field Equations

(4): Cosmology and Astrophysics

International Journal Publication



  1. Farhad Ali and Tooba Feroze, “Classification of Plane Symmetris Static Spacetime According to Noether Symmetries” International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 52(9), 3329-3342, (2013).
  2.  Farhad Ali and Tooba Feroze , Corrigendum to “Noether symmetries and conserved quantities for spaces with a section of zero curvature, J. Geo. and Phys., 61(3), (2011) 658-662” Journal of Geometry and Physics, 88, 88-89 (2014).
  3. Farhad Ali, “Conservation Laws of Cylindrically Symmetric Vacuum Solution of Einstein Field Equations”, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 8(94), 4697 - 4702, (2014).
  4. Farhad Ali, Tooba Feroze and Sajid Ali, “ A Complete classification of spherically symmetric static spacetimes via Noether symmetries” Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 184, 1, 973-985, (2015).
  5. Farhad Ali, “New Black Hole Solutions of Einstein Field Equation and their Ricci Curvature Tensors” Modern Physics Letter A, Vol. 30, No. 6, 1550028 (12pages), (2015).                                                  
  6. Farhad Ali, “Errata, To New Black Hole Solutions of Einstein  Field Equation and their Ricci Curvature Tensors ”  Modern Physics Letter A, Vol. 30, 6, 1550028, (2015) ” Modern Physics Letter A, Vol. 30, No. 30 1592001  (2015).
  7. Farhad Ali and Tooba Feroze, “Approximate Noether Symmetries of Time conformal Plane symmetric spacetimes” International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, 12 (2015) 1550124 (9 pages).
  8. Farhad Ali and Tooba Ferozze, “Cylindrically Symmetric Gravitational Wave like Spacetimes” Accepted in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.
  9. Farhad Ali and Tooba Feroze, “Complete Classification of Cylindrically Symmetric Static Spacetimes and the corresponding Conservation Laws”, Mathematics, MDPI, 4, 50, (2016).
  10. Farhad Ali, “Cosmological Aspects of Levi-Civita Spacetime and Conservation Laws” Non-linear Analysis and Differential equations, (Accepted).
  11. Farhad Ali, Abdul Jawad Mubasher Jamil and Ujjal D., “Dynamics of particles in regular black hole” Commun. Theor. Phys. 66, 509516, (2016).
  12. Farhad Ali, Abdul Jawad, Umair M. and Ghulam Abbas, “Dynamics in the charged Time Conformal Schwarzschild Black Hole” , Eur. Phys. J. C, 76:586. (2016). 
  13. Farhad Ali, Wali Khan Mashwani and Muhammad Asif Jan, "Correction to the Conservation Law in Plan Symmetric Gravitational Wave Like Spacetimes", Mode. Phys. Lett. A.,33,21,1850123, ((17 pages), (2018).
  14. Mutahir ali, Farhad Ali, Abdus Saboor, Saad Ghafar and Amir Sultan Khan, " the Second-Order Correction to the Energy and Momentum in Plane Symmetric Gravitational Waves Like Spacetimes" acceptedin Symmetry MDPI.
  15. Nisar Ahmad, Mutahir Ali, Farhad ali and Arif Mehmood Khattak, " Left double Displacement Semi Group: A First Result", Matriks Sain Matematiks, 2(2), 33-35, (2018).

National Journal Publication



  2. Farhad Ali  and Wali Khan Mashwani, “Conformal Minkowski Spacetime and the Cosmological Constant” Sci. Int. ,29(3),573-575, 2016. 

HEC Approved Project



No. 21-592/SRGP/R&D/HEC/2015





(1):  Amir Sultan Khan PhD Student

(2): Muhammad Saad Ghafaar PhD Stu.

(3): Israr Khan PhD Student

(4): Mutahir Ali MPhil Student

(5): Shehzad Khan MPhil Student

(6): Umar Sattar MPhil Student

(7): Sajid ur Rehman MPhil Student

(8): Zahid Ali MPhil Student

(9): Riaz Ali MPhil Student

(10): Tahir Ayaz MPhil Student

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