31 October 2018
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Alongside mid-semester tests and final (end of semester examinations, academic performance of students at KUST is regularly evaluated through some of

the following components:

  • Regular quizzes (usually un-announced, short written class test of duration not more than 30 minutes)
  • Assignments (homework)
  • Class participation
  • Case studies
  • Report (lab)
  • Presentation
  • Thesis
  • Oral Test

The Major Examinations (Mid & Final) of the Undergraduate Courses shall not be fully MCQs based; the MCQs in the Mid and Final Examination shall not be more than 20% of the total allocated weightage to the Examination.

The mid-semester test of at least one-hour duration usually covers the course taught up-to-the mid-semester while the end of semester Final examination at least one and half hour duration shall cover the entire course. The respective course Instructor shall clearly notify the assessment method to the students. The percent weightage allocated to the constituent components depend upon the discretion of the instructor of the course. Each instructor announces his/her evaluation policy during the first lecture of the course. Normally the Final- examination carries 50% (in case, of course, having no lab work) and 40% (in case, of course, having a lab work) weight of a course. The following example is a guideline for one such distribution at the undergraduate level:






Class Participation:


Mid Semester:


Final Exam:


In courses with lab or practical hours, students’ performance shall be evaluated by giving 20% weightage to their performance in Lab and 80 % weightage to their performance in theory. This weightage of 20% in Lab shall be determined on the basis of following guidelines

Quizzes/Presentations/Assignments/Practical etc


Final Examinations


Whereas, the weightage of 80%, in theory, shall be determined on the basis of following guidelines 





Class Participation:


Mid-Semester Examination:


Semester Final Examination:


Missing the final examination does not automatically leads to an “F” grade in the course. In case of some courses (laboratory courses or project works, for example), however, it may be considered compulsory for the students to appear in the final oral examination, failing which an “F” grade shall be awarded to the student. There will be no supplementary/special examination in a semester system; if a student fails in a course. S/he is required to repeat it. An incomplete grade will be awarded by the instructor only in exceptional cases beyond the control of a student such as serious accidents, family tragedy, serious health ailments etc.

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