Incomplete (I) Grade

31 October 2018
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An “I” grade may be awarded in a course(s) under the following circumstances. If a student does not complete all the requirements of a course within the

semester (minor component is outstanding), provided the Instructor(s) concerned is satisfied that it was because of circumstances beyond the student's control. In this case, the Instructor concerned communicates an I grade in the award list submitted to the KCMS and Controller of Examinations. If a student has been advised bed rest by a certified medical doctor (countersigned by the KUST authorized Medical Officer) on the day of the exam, the HoD of the respective Department shall either be approached directly by the student or through the Director (Academics). The HoD will forward the case to the respective Dean for approval along with the medical certificate duly attested by the KUST Medical Officer (Advisor Studies if the Medical Officer is away for a period longer than a weak). After approval from the Dean, the case will be sent to the Course Instructor through the respective HoD. An I grade will be awarded accordingly and communicated to the Controller of Examinations. In case the student's result was already submitted to the CoE office without counting the Medical Certificate (or for that matter any other reason accepted and approved genuine by the Competent Authority), the Instructor shall submit the “I” grade on a Change of Grade Form duly processed. In all cases of an “I” grade, the outstanding requirements are to be met at the beginning of the next semester. The students concerned are themselves responsible to make arrangements for the purpose with the course Instructor. Failing this an “I” grade is automatically converted to an “F” grade after the tenth week of the semester.

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