31 October 2018
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The penalties which may be imposed and the authorities competent to impose each kind of penalty are specified below;

  • Vice Chancellor powers to Impose Penalties

The Vice-Chancellor shall have the powers to impose any of the penalties listed in regulation himself, or to refer any case to the Discipline Committee as constituted under KUST statutes.  

When a case against a student is referred to the Discipline Committee, the committee if it deems fit, may suspend the student from the University rolls and or direct him/her to vacate the hostel till the final decision.

  • Procedure in case of Breach of Discipline

Teacher or officer mentioned in Regulation 17.7.b, in whose presence or in relation to whom an act of indiscipline has been committed or who obtains knowledge of such act or report or otherwise, may deal with the case himself/herself or if in his/her view;

  1. The case is one which can be more appropriately dealt with by another authority; or
  2. A penalty is severer than that he/she is competent to impose is called for in the case; he/she shall follow the procedure outlined below:
  3. If he or she is not among the HoDs. he/she shall refer the case to the HoD concerned. Who may deal with it himself /herself or refer it to the appropriate authority?
  4. If he/she is him/herself is HoD, he/she will deal with it himself/herself or refer it to the Vice-Chancellor table to be copied


S. No.


Authority competent to impose


Removal from the classroom, laboratory, workshop

or field work for the periods concerned or for not

more than four such consecutive periods

Teacher in charge


Withdrawal from games or filed for not more than

one week

In charge of the game


Withdrawal from educational or sports tour or survey


Chairman or Chairperson   /  Director / Principal


Removal from the Department/ Institute/ College for

a period not exceeding two weeks



Removal  from  all  classes  or  any  class  in  any

Department or Institute or college for a period not

exceeding two weeks



Withdrawal  from  Library  for  not  more  than  two




Removal from the hostel for a period not exceeding

two months

Senior Warden.


Fine not exceeding Rs.1000/-

Teacher, resident warden

Superintendent workshop,  staff

advisor, research supervisor etc.


Fine not exceeding Rs. 1000/-

Deputy Provost, Assistant Provost

(Women), Senior Warden, Convener Sports

Committee or Librarian



Fine not exceeding Rs. 2000/-

Chairman/  Director  / Principal Concerned


Cancellation  of  remission  of  fees  or  University




Removal from a position of authority in hostels.

Provost, Senior Warden or Resident Warden


Removal from a position of authority in University


Director Sports / Convener Sports committee.


Expulsion  from  a  College  /  University  teaching

Department / Institutes

Principal, Chairman, Director or

Discipline committee with the

approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

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