Rustication & Expulsion

31 October 2018
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As the admission is offered/notified by the concerned Head of Teaching Department hence the concerned Head of Teaching Department may notify

the names of the expelled student with the copy to all concerned offices

  1. The head of teaching Department/ Institute/College of the KUST may rusticate a student for misconduct or gross breach of discipline. Rustication, whenever imposed on a College/University student, shall always mean the loss of one academic year in so far as his/her appearance at a University examination is concerned. The period of absence from the College/University Teaching Department will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed. The student under rustication will have the option of rejoining the class at the beginning of the next academic year, and it shall be obligatory on the part of the College/Department /Institute to readmit him/her if he/she wishes to rejoin. Tuition fees shall not be charged during the period of rustication, nor with the name of the rusticated student be mentioned on the rolls of the College/Department/Institute
  2. No fee will be charged from a rusticated student for the month or months during which his/her name remains struck off the rolls
  3. A rusticated student if readmitted to a College or Department or Institute under (a) above may take up the College/ Department/ Institute or University examinations, if he/she is otherwise eligible, and provided he/she is permitted by the Principal of the constituent Colleges, Director of any Institute or chairman/ Chairperson to do so. The student will himself/herself be responsible for the shortage of attendances if any.


  1. If a student committed such; an offence which in the opinion of the Principal of a Constituent Colleges Chairman or Chairperson of the Department or Director of an Institute demands his expulsion from the College/Department/Institute his/her name will be reported to the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor will have powers to sanction expulsion for a period not exceeding 12 months. If the expulsion recommended exceeds 12 months, approval of the Syndicate will be necessary in all such cases.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor may expel a student for a misconduct or gross breach of discipline either himself or on the report and recommendations of the Discipline Committee or any officer of the University for the period not exceeding one year.
  3. The period of expulsion will be counted from the date of issue of such notice by the Principal of a constituent College/Director of an Institute/Chairman or Chairperson of the Department who shall have powers to enforce his/her orders subject to the confirmation of the Vice-Chancellor or the Syndicate, as the case may be, An order of expulsion shall involve the loss of one academic session (Twelve months/Two regular semesters) or more to the student concerned.
  4. Name of the expelled students will immediately be removed from the College, Department or Institute rolls, and no fee will be charged from him/her for subsequent months.
  5. A student expelled from a College/ Department/Institute may be readmitted into that College/ Department/Institute on the expiry of the period of expulsion, if permitted by the Vice Chancellor.
  6. Cases of expulsion will be registered in the University and be notified to all Institutions/Departments of the University and to all other Universities of the country.


  1. The Vice-Chancellor may revise the notification on the recommendations of the Principal, Chairman, and Director as the case may be. The Authority, which; had the power to rusticate could also withdraw the same order before the expiry of the period after justification. No student shall be rusticated or expelled from the University unless he/she has been allowed a reasonable chance of replying defending his/her case
  2. When in the opinion of the Committee of Discipline, the penalty of rustication or expulsion is not called for in a case referred to it, it may impose any other penalty or penalties mentioned in Regulation. 8 & 17.10.


An appeal against the punishment of rustication OR expulsion shall be submitted to the convener of applet committee, comprising of the following:

  1. Dean of a Faculty or a senior Professor (to be appointed by syndicate) Convener
  2. Registrar Member
  3. The controller of Exams Member

           The recommendations should be submitted to the VC for consideration/approval/order.

  1. No appeal shall lie against the decision of an authority imposing a penalty other than rustication or expulsion except on the ground that such authority has imposed a penalty which it was not competent to impose.
  2. An appeal on the ground that an authority has imposed a penalty which it was not competent to impose shall lie to the Vice Chancellor.
  3. No appeal by a student under Regulation 17.10 & 17.11.4 shall be entertained unless it is presented within fifteen days from the date on which the decision is communicated to him/her provided that the Vice-Chancellor may, for valid reasons, extend this period.

Compensation or loss 

The Vice-Chancellor or any teacher or officer to whom the Vice-chancellor may delegate his powers may direct a student to pay compensation for any loss or damage to property belonging to the University, Public authority or to a fellow student or to employee of the University, caused by a willful act or gross negligence of the students, and if the student does not pay such compensation within definite period the Vice-Chancellor may expel him/her from the University.


Examination Offences

Cases of indiscipline in examination halls or around them or use of unfair means shall continue to be dealt with by the Examination Discipline Committee, constituted by the Vice Chancellor for the said purpose.


  1. The Vice Chancellor while dealing with a case of indiscipline may refer it to the Discipline Committee for opinion/advice.
  2. The Vice-chancellor may, in case of an emergency, take any action against a student or students pending reference to the Discipline Committee in case of rustication or expulsion and then order the removal of a student from the University or restrict his entry in whole or any part of the campus.
  3. This will repeal the previous Regulations relating to Expulsion and Rustication or any other instructions relating to the maintenance of discipline among the students.
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