Alongside mid-semester tests and final (end of semester examinations, academic performance of students at KUST is regularly evaluated through some of

Setting-up Exam Paper

The following guidelines are stated specifically for the instructors (or Course-Coordinators in case of more than one instructor teaching a course,

The time, date and venue for the mid-semester test(s), conducted around the middle of the semester, shall be announced on the first day of the course

A visually impaired student may be allowed to attempt the Mid/Final Examination of University on Braille/computer / any other means of facility 

Grading System

KUST has adopted the policy of Absolute Grading System as per following details:

Absolute Grading System

The academic standing of a student is referred in terms of a Grade Point Average (GPA). To calculate the GPA, the total number of grade points earned is divided

Academic Standing

At the end of each semester, based on the academic performance, students are awarded different academic standings. Following is the list of the

Incomplete (I) Grade

An “I” grade may be awarded in a course(s) under the following circumstances. If a student does not complete all the requirements of a course within the

Re-totaling of marks

In case a student is not satisfied with his/her grade in a course and wants that his/her marks in the final examination and the semester performance

Re-checking of Paper

If a student is not satisfied with his/her grade(s) in a course(s), he/she can apply for rechecking of the final paper(s). In such cases, he/she has to

In case the student is still not satisfied with grades and decision of the department committee, he/she may apply to the Central Grievances Committee through

Damaged/Lost Answer Script

In an exceptional case where an answer script is damaged, lost or destroyed due to unavoidable circumstances, then the students may be given the following

Repeating Course(s)

Improvement of grade, A student who secures a grade of C-minus or less (in case of an undergraduate student) or a grade of B-minus or less (in case of a graduate

Discipline Rules

  • Conduct & Discipline Rules & Regulations for KUST

These regulations may be called “the KUST students' conduct and discipline rules & regulations”

Act of Indiscipline

A student who;

Commits a breach of rules of conduct specified in regulations 


The penalties which may be imposed and the authorities competent to impose each kind of penalty are specified below;

Rustication & Expulsion


As the admission is offered/notified by the concerned Head of Teaching Department hence the concerned Head of Teaching Department may notify

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