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Director Message

In today’s shrinking job market and huge unemployment, the importance of entrepreneurship has increased many folds than before. I feel great pleasure to introduce you with our Center for Entrepreneurial Culture Development. The intent behind CECD establishment is to explore and develop the inner potential of business students so that they could become successful entrepreneurs. On strategic level, we are ambitious to explore and convert the entrepreneurship potential of business students of the region into actionable and implementable business ventures. Tactically, we plan to achieve this objective through promotion of entrepreneurial culture by inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit and motivation among the students and other prospective entrepreneurs. We are fully committed to provide all possible trainings, seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship in order to convert the entrepreneurial potential of our youth into real business ventures. As experienced many times, we firmly believe in the creative potential of our students and this increases our commitment and motivation to engage our young students into enterprise development practices.   

I welcome all the students of Institute if Business Students as well as the young potential entrepreneurs of the region to come forward, join hands with CECD, share their ideas and convert their potential into successful business ventures.

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