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About Department

The Department of Forestry was Fully Functioned in the year 2022 at KUST. Focusing the forest management of the country it is striving for excellent research and education. Highly qualified faculty is imparting forestry education and conducting research for sustainable forest conservation and management. Through interdisciplinary learning and hands-on experience, students build a strong knowledge base and gain the practical and technical skills necessary to design a balanced and sustainable future in forest management under changing climate.


  • To impart higher education at undergraduate and later on post graduate levels in the field of Forestry & Range Management, Watershed and Wildlife Management.
  • To develop closer linkages with line departments and research organizations for mutual collaboration in research/development activities of natural resource management and conservation.
  • To promote awareness among students, researchers, policy makers and community in general about natural resource conservation and management through publishing articles and organizing seminars/workshops on the subjects related to natural resource management.
  • To educate the students about the forest environmental services and its role in climate change mitigation.
  • Finally to produce trained graduate for various Governmental and non-Governmental organizations working on forest and related issues.

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