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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Life in today’s world is facing tremendous sensitization for development and progress in all the fields including the quest for knowledge in the sphere of life sciences and likewise more equally on the fronts of biological sciences especially microbiology. In all its dimensions, this discipline is emerging as true centripetal in the entire theme, such as the public health concerns on communicable diseases, setting forth the industrial standards for quality of edible items for safer living , increasing the yield in agriculture and veterinary sectors along with the remedies for core issues of environmental onslaughts by hazardous microbial pollution.

The arena of Microbiology thus bears a natural affinity in understanding the curiosity of human nature for microbes and that is why it has acquired an outstanding market value, by virtue of multi-disciplinary influx, converging the research potential in this particular area for the advantage of end users and beneficiaries.

This department has witnessed top priority for the BS, MPhil and PhD enrollment due to its vibrant faculty and motivating environment. Hopefully this scientific spirit and endeavor will contribute more for the welfare of the community we live in as well as in the emancipation of humanity at large.

I pray and wish that the inborn fascination within the graduates shall live on with pride and privilege for their recognition as microbiologists of the future.


Dr. Muhammad Qasim
Associate Professor

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