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Director Message

The aim of education is to develop minds and provide skills useful to students in particular and the society in general. This is the focus and vision for education imparted at the Institute of Information Technology (IIT). This Institute was established in the year 2001. Being the pioneering and now the largest institute of Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST), the IIT has been contributing our nation by providing high quality graduates and researchers in the field of computer science. Our graduates make their presence felt by transforming concepts into realities and they are already serving the reputable software companies and telecommunication organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. The promising feedback we receive from the employers, particularly the software development market, is a constant source of encouragement for us to further expand the number of disciplines and increase the number of students we prepare for more and more progressive contribution towards our national development in computer science. 


The IIT offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The former include Bachelor in Computer Science (BSCS) and Master in Computer Science (MCS) with specializations in network technologies and software engineering. The graduate degree programs include MS and PhD where a wide range of specializations are offered including Artificial Intelligence, Security and Network Technologies, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, IT Management, Information Retrieval, Text and Data Mining, Mobile Technologies, Distributed Systems and Theoretical Computer Science etc. The study programs and course contents offered are especially developed to give a head start to our graduates in the market place. Instead of providing degrees which merely serve as a license to enter the professional world, we endeavor to prepare our students to blend competitively with contemporary technologies and skills in their respective areas of specialization.


The IIT provides a congenial environment for faculty, students, researchers and everyone. The higher authorities are supportive and always willing for spending on provision of state of the art equipment for experimental and research set-ups. The highly qualified young and energetic faculty members ensure to provide unremitting guidance to students and young researchers in their academic problems. The courteous administrative staff is happily ready to facilitate the co-curricular activities. All these make the IIT KUST family a harmonious and prosperous galaxy of shining stars.

My IIT family and I, welcome students and prospective researchers from diverse demographic backgrounds for pursuing their higher studies with us. We keep no stone unrolled in imparting the highest quality education. Our alumni are our pride! They have proven to be productive professionals who are supporting their families, society and above all, our nation.

Dr. Shafiullah 

Institute of IT

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