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Message Dean Faculty of Physical & Numerical Sciences

Welcome! The Faculty of Physical and Numerical Sciences at the Kohat University of Science and Technology, at present, offers courses and facilitates research leading to BS, MSc, MS/MPhil, and PhD degrees in computer science, mathematics, physics, and statistics. We distinguish ourselves through research-based teaching. Our mission in the Faculty is to generate ideas based on scientific principles that in turn help provide solutions to modern day technical problems. Our faculty members and students are engaged in research at the frontiers of physical and numerical sciences, both of basic and applied nature. We keep our presence felt in the academia by regularly publishing in journals of international repute. A good number of our faculty members regularly receives productivity awards for the exciting research that they undertake. Some of our faculty members have already received the HEC Best University Teacher Award,  the national award of Izaz-e-Fazeelat and the civil award of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for this Faculty speak for its standards of scholarship. The environment in our Faculty is conducive to learning and innovation. By joining us, you will be able to explore and further the scientific horizons.

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