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To improve educational opportunities that respond to the intellectual and professional needs of the region.

  • Increase number of doctoral programs in high demand fields.
  • Maintain a broad portfolio of graduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Increase enrollment systematically to 10,000 students by the year 2020.
  • Use effective review and assessment as the basis for program improvement.
  • Foster channels of communication to and from the community that facilitate the integration of the University and its programs into the life of the community.


To increase both faculty and student research that will address fundamental and regional problems.

  • Expand campus physical and human infrastructure supportive of research.
  • Secure public and private funding for faculty and student research.
  • Accelerate the research activity of the University that meets the needs of the region.
  • Communicate university research activities to the public to increase understanding, enhance support, and facilitate the application of the products of research.


To provide a variety of services that respond to the ongoing and emerging regional needs.

  • Increase collaborative relationships with regional public, private and nonprofit institutions.
  • Establish web-based “one-stop enrollment” for undergraduate student services.
  • Provide services which impact positively the many challenges facing the region, province, and nation by developing partnerships that educate and provide research opportunities and which also impact public policy, education, and ethical issues.
  • Promote relationships through public relations to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones.
  • Foster lifelong relationships with alumni through the implementation of cultural, athletic, and career-related program offerings, including creation of the new Alumni Center, connecting alumni to the University and the community.

Physical and Financial Infrastructure

To increase the physical and financial infrastructure as needed to support the expanding educational, research, and service activities of the University.

  • Increase the capacity of the University for increased enrollment through an aggressive construction program.
  • Increase the infrastructure in support of technology.
  • Develop creative and entrepreneurial partnerships and programs, which help tackle space and financial issues unmet by state appropriations.
  • Maintain sufficient controls to ensure effective and efficient use of resources available to the University.

Faculty and Staff Development

To provide support for faculty and staff development:

  • Assist faculty members in delivery of effective instruction to a diverse student body, including those with differing intellectual abilities, learning styles, personal circumstances, levels of motivation, and academic preparation
  • Enhance faculty effectiveness through assistance with the integration of information technology into instruction, research and creative efforts.
  • Assist faculty and staff members to serve as more knowledgeable and effective academic advisors, especially with respect to general degree requirements and campus-wide academic policies and procedures.
  • Assist staff members in obtaining training necessary to ensure professional competence

Student and Community Life

To enhance student and community life:

  • Implement programs that integrate new students into the academic and social structures of the campus
  • Create new opportunities of foreign education for students
  • Involve students in activities and programs that promote healthy lifestyles and physical development
  • Provide quality entertainment through the Athletic Program
  • Enhance student morale and pride in the University
  • Pursue joint sponsorship of events with private sector
  • Promote student activities and accomplishments through public relations activities
  • Plan for and effectively manage facilities that enhance student learning and development outside the classroom

Learning in a Culturally Rich Environment 

To enhance opportunities for learning in a culturally rich environment:

  • Increase the enrollment, retention, and success of qualified students from diverse backgrounds
  • Increase the recruitment, retention, and success of faculty, staff, and administrators from diverse backgrounds
  • Foster an environment that recognizes the benefits of diversity and supports an inclusive community


To graduate students with the breadth and depth of knowledge and the intellectual and professional skills which prepare them for a productive life in an ever-changing world;

  • Foster a realistic understanding of their personal potentials
  • Promote a commitment to responsible citizenship and a capacity to lead
  • Encourage strong ties and commitment to the University and its mission and vision
  • Develop fundamental skills of inquiry in writing, mathematical and logical reasoning, information literacy and technology, and the sciences
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the themes of liberal education for private and public life in the areas of arts and society, the western tradition, global understanding, and ethical issues and cultural critique
  • Develop oral and written communication skills
  • Develop the ability to engage in reasoned debate about pressing moral concerns and to resolve them in an ethically sound and responsible manner

Public Knowledge

To enhance public knowledge of the educational opportunities and services provided by the University:

  • Create and produce visually appealing publications to communicate vital information
  • Conduct a comprehensive public relations program that utilizes comprehensive media relationships, special events and public speaking activities
  • Develop and implement an image advertising campaign to build and create awareness of the services, capabilities and contributions of the KUST that enhance business and improve quality of life in the region
  • Successfully complete the philanthropic campaign
  • Continue to educate constituents about KUST giving opportunities
  • Conduct outreach events involving alumni to raise awareness and interest in the opportunities and services provided by the University
  • Communicate the University’s crucial role in the region and province to legislative, business, and local government leaders about University needs and resources

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