Colleges of District Kohat & Hangu

Colleges of District Kohat and Hangu

  1. Postgraduate College, Kohat
  2. Postgraduate College for Women, Kohat
  3. Degree College for Boys, KDA Kohat
  4. Girls Degree College, KDA Kohat
  5. FEF Girls Degree College, Kohat
  6. FG Degree College for Women, Kohat
  7. Girls Degree College, Hangu
  8. Girls Degree College, Thall Hangu
  9. Degree College, Lachi Kohat
  10. Degree College, Gumbat Kohat
  11. Postgraduate College for Boys, Kohat
  12. Degree College No.2, KDA Kohat
  13. College of Management Sciences, Kohat
  14. Degree College, Gumbat Kohat
  15. Degree College, Lachi Kohat
  16. Degree College, Hangu
  17. Degree College, Thall Hangu
  18. Regional Institute for Teachers Education (M), Kohat
  19. Regional Institute for Teachers Education (Female), Kohat
  20. Madina Institute for Science & Technology, Bannu - Private Sector
  21. Islamia Girls Degree College, Kohat                 - Private Sector


FATA Colleges Male & Female (affiliated till 2016-17)

  1. Govt. Degree College, Dara Adam Khel
  2. Govt. Girls Degree College, Dara Adam Khel
  3. Govt. Degree College, Ghaljo, Orakzai Agency
  4. Govt. Degree College, Jalaka Mala, Lower Orakzai Agency
  5. Govt. Girls Degree College, Kalaya, Orakzai Agency
  6. Govt. Degree College, Bagan, Orakzai Agency
  7. Govt. Degree College, Parachinar, Kurram Agency
  8. Govt. Postgraduate College for Boys, Parachinar, Kurram Agency
  9. Govt. Degree College for Women, Parachinar, Kurram Agency
  10. Govt. College of Management Sciences, Parachinar, Kurram Agency
  11. Govt. Degree College, Sadda, Lower Kurram Agency
  12. Govt. Girls Degree College, Sadda, Lower Kurram Agency
  13. Govt. Girls Degree College, Ali Zai, Kurram Agency
  14. Govt. Girls Degree College No.2, Parachinar, Kurram Agency

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