Centre for Religious Studies

Introduction: CRS

In the modern day world, our society and country need such a high-minded scholars and experts, who beside having potent knowledge of Islam, bear the capacity of facing the challenges of the modern age, dealing effectively with the new demands, and hold the perception of future prudence. For such glorious purpose, the Syndicate of the KUST in its 6th meeting held on July 25, 2007, approved the establishment of the Centre for Religious Studies. CRC utilizes all its available resources in producing scholars in the fields of Quran, Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence etc, who according to the new trends and disposition of the modern age, got the authority to interpret & elucidate Islam and different off-shoots of Islamic knowledge. For this magnificent purpose CRS besides teaching activities introduces M.Phil and PhD programs in Islamic Studies for the professional growth of scholars in the field of research. CRS is situated in the second floor of the new academic block 03 in the main campus of the university.

Vision Statement: CRS

To model such visionary and moderate scholars who can lead the nation in an applicable way. Besides that they can present the true picture of Islam on international horizons, spreading interfaith harmony & intercultural harmony and become messengers of International peace.

Mission Statement:

CRS works with a vision to ensure that every Muslim, in general, and students of the university, in particular, contains the Islamic and ethical values. CRS aims at making them practical and model moderate Muslims. Moreover CRS is going to:
Prepare scholars who have a grasp of Islamic Studies/Arabic in general and command over the areas of specialization in particular. Fulfill the needs and demands of Islamic Education in all the departments of the University.

Establish a cadre of specialists and professionals in different fields of Islamic Studies/Arabic who can provide effective leadership and conducting quality research in various disciplines of Islamic Studies. Provide opportunities of professional growth and development to scholars.

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