Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. We provide an international research, teaching and learning environment.

We have designed our courses that meet both your needs and those of your potential employers, while our academic and administrative staff is strongly committed to research and to the promotion of graduate activities.


The Department of Mathematics aspires to be globally recognized as a centre of excellence for research and teaching in mathematics. The department will promote a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that meets the changing needs of student population.


The Department of Mathematics is committed to provide an excellent major for students, whose career goals are teaching, research, immediate entry into the workforce. The department is an active partner with other programs in science, social sciences, business, education and technology by providing specialized mathematical expertise. The department is committed to high quality instruction for all students in mathematics courses, and it nurtures pleasant and constructive faculty-student interaction.

Our Strengths

  • One of KUST's founding departments
  • Small and friendly department
  • Young energetic and motivated faculty
  • Excellent staff-student relations
  • Research opportunities in both pure and applied mathematics
  • Dedicated workstations for research students

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