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Vice Chancellor's Welcome Message


Welcome to Kohat University of Science & Technology (KUST)! We thank you for visiting us in person or through our site.

Our focus is on excellence in teaching, high quality research, and community service. Some of our faculty members have their research work published in international journals of high class. Given the scarce resources and opportunities for research in young universities, the achievements of our faculty are indeed of paramount significance to us: we are proud of them. Soon most of our young faculty members pursuing their higher studies abroad will resume their responsibilities in KUST: we are looking forward to their rejoining us. Their presence will strengthen us further.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. In addition to pursuing their studies they also reach out to the community and involve themselves in co-curricular programs. Be it active participation in relief activities; attending to patients in the local hospitals; or helping local school children; our students extend their help to the community any possible way. We supplement some of these efforts through the KUST Radio which broadcasts educational programs ranging from personal hygiene to gender issues facing us today. We are proud of the students who render these wonderful services, and of the faculty who mentor them. Their deeds speak louder than their words something that we need more today than ever before.

We are passing through very difficult socio-political times that require serious academic pursuits, objective research, and fair analyses to achieve the social equity that define progress. Our goal is to help our students become academically efficient; socially responsible; and intellectually productive citizens of the country and of the world. We encourage our students to question things; we teach them to have faith in themselves; we urge them to dream big; and we inculcate in them the spirit to live and let live. Our hope is to prepare them for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are aware of how big a task we entrust them, but we would not do that if we had any doubt about their talent and potential. They are such bright young people!

We thank you for your interest in KUST, and appeal to you to think of ways and means of strengthening KUST. We hope that you support us any which way it is possible for you. Join us and help us be part of the history we mean to make!

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